How does it work?

The entire process is very simple and easy to use. There's no need for manual IP replacements, APIs or anything technical and time consuming.

You will get one or several "proxy gateway" IPs that you need to enter inside any software that should make a proxy connection. By accessing our "proxy gateway" servers with those IPs, your software will receive a new proxy IP on each HTTP request or after 3 minutes or after 15 minutes (depending on what you choose inside our member area).

You don't need to change the IP in your software - all proxy rotation automatically happens on our side.

The maximum number of threads (connections) that you can open in your software is limited by the package that you order, e.g. an 80-thread package allows for a total number of 80 simultaneous connections (threads).
Higher packages mean the higher speed of your software - more actions done in less time.